This is how I believe

Lin Qi, missing the fifth day, notice of missing person recovered fully withdrawn.

Lin Qi, missing the 10th day, Eric returned to the wind all.

Before his return, had already learned some of the cases, came back, he first went to met with the Green Knight repair Dili Morse, then come back to the villa, through the hall, he told Roland nodded, and asked the trade of Flanders Where, then went straight to the second floor away.

That Fool Say I Love You

Talking all the time in order to se forehead again flowing down the blood, red blood overshadowed by dark golden pupil of the eye, for his eyes, rendering the layer Xueguang, but Usher did not go ignored, only continued: “He is not Qi Lin human … … ”

Yi Flanders can not help but interrupt: “Yes Mozu it?”

By Gunther shook his head: “He can not be regarded as Mozu, even though he has the most pure Mozu royal family lineage, but he was not a natural life, he was my brother created.”

Is not a Qi Lin

Has been awakened by the door came the sound of percussion, easy cloudy opened his eyes and found himself lying on the table are feet, arms tightly holding Qi Lin coat.

Slowly moving in took a look around, her exposed disappointed look.

LIN Qi, or not come back.

Knock on the door more and more rapid and brutal, and even began to Zhuangmen, but in silence did not say there’s anything strange Yi cloudy mind, but still go to open the door.

Were not as good as it is

No, no no no.

Where none.

Yi Long-long whole person stuck on the sofa, the little twist the body, each heard the disappointing news, she seemed to chill the small animals in general, a slight reduction from the body.

Do not know what to do.

This is the last time at risk of identity was exposed, not the same as when you can not find Eric.

Although she then panic, but there is Qi Lin at your side to comfort her, but finally calm down and make a decision, but now, she really did not know how to do.

Where he is

Yi cloudy suddenly sit up!

Her big with open eyes, the surface expression emerging horror, but after a moment, starting from the Caishui trance is completely sober, that’s inexplicable palpitations also will be dissipated.

Wu Zhaozui yawned little hands and easy to stretch the reach out cloudy, but also a little puzzled why they appear on the bed.

She recalled carefully and gradually think of it that he is drowsy after eating a snack, and later, LIN Qi, she was sent back to the room, and then later could not resist … … easy to cloudy red about the face.

I will leave you with the stars around the world

Pro-pro … … a little?

Yi Long Dragon’s look flushed.

Although she has also acquiesced in mind the fact that LIN Qi, like her, not only did not hate, and some subtle sweet joy, but for the first time to hear such a request, or will be very embarrassed.

Subconsciously want to refuse, but saw the look on helplessly while young, refuses to do so to the mouth and gently punched a rotary child, but did not say how exports.

Not refuse it means to be kissed … …

Kiss me once

A Fei Lian Tuodai Siegel pulled in holding the body, stumbled to escape.

He temporarily confused with the singing of those High Priest, but the duration is not long, we must take advantage of their absence, when to get out of, or soon will be to catch up.

Siegel’s body as heavy as if filled with lead, his body still remains the mystic art of binding effect, Ah Fei Guan set teeth, try to step the pace.

Cloud Bay

After listening to young people’s self-introduction, I just feel brain cells have a blank moment, good for a while, he finally clarify the confusion of the thoughts: “You are … … … … I call you come Mozu?”

He is Mozu?

How is this possible?

Moment, the hearts of ridiculous confusion emerging sense of Siegel incredibly gentle smile, looking at young people.

Wind blowing

Royal Park.

The beautiful secluded garden, stands with an approximately one-meter-high Liu Mangxing platform, platform, painting a strange black lines, the thickness of the different shades of curved lines like a waving claws Zhang, staggered intertwined, and the most a central location, inlaid with an almost half a meter high prismatic Bloody crystal, the crystals seemed to dull red flow of life’s vitality.

Siegel overcast with women in general Lianrong as his eyes fixed on the crystal set to fall redness of the skin.

Small and big stupid fool

Eric so easy to cloudy to do so, the main purpose is to completely cut off some people’s paranoia, a dragon with a dragon knight will also form a contract, either party until they die, they can not have a third party foreign interference, and so so, if the set Dragon Knight, then the pressure of the body easy to cloudy, at least half of whom will be passed on to the dragon knight him.

Blue Yan Mou Yi cloudy staring softly: “Now your identity public, if they are unwilling to give up everything now, going into hiding in remote areas, then in a public ceremony to select a knight, even if only nominal, Dangqu can also help you a lot of trouble. ”

Knight, Knight

Villa in the case of fairly harmonious, there are two dragon knights, plus a totally inferior to Dragon Knight’s sword master in the assumed personal, and no one to turn no waves, only the occasional fantasy thrown in juvenile Eugene’s full of vision of misty eyes Let Yi cloudy mind a bit numb.

Villa outside the atmosphere is extremely calm.

Easy cloudy objective was achieved, Seagal lost cards, and indeed had to undo all the action, followed by the command of the Royal Park side of the fight against Eric was a mess, but the impact of this move is far more than that.

Steal the division of Darkness

Yi Long-long dream of the past did not expect such a day, with the two Dragon Knight lived in a villa, a day not seen the rise of bow view, the good news is 2 Dragon Knight a noble character, is also possible that sailed the seven seas make life difficult for the water, or yes because I have been riding off an aircraft carrier, and failing her that tractor, there is no showing to her intention to have for its own account.

Eric came after the short term, do not intend to leave the same in the easy to live down here, cloudy day, apart from magic remote communication equipment side of his subordinates to do things outside the empire, but also compete with the two dragon knight sword — – precisely, is often compete with the Green Knight, sleeping knight though slightly shorter sleep time, it was only just slightly.

Dragon and the Dragon Knight

Finished, Eric and regardless of the audience reaction, lean bent over, picked up a slender arm strong easy to cloudy, very naturally, just as did the sea in the tree, as she was on the shoulder.

Was worried the Yi cloudy soft white smooth tail, scared she was involuntarily shrink from the body, two small claws, just grabbed his clothes, Eric some good gas, and also some funny looking at her eyes crystal Hydra Mou: “The little guys, you are so I do not have confidence? I also not without a solution.” Although, if questioned, but the sound it actually overflowing the Chongni tone.

Accidents and more accidents

Although the recovery of all things blooming in the spring, but the former? Sleeping classmate Jacob Knight still retains more than a decade of good style, as always sleepy.

Slept more than 20 consecutive hours, the body but can never feel satiation, yawned into the classroom when the military analysis, Jacob is also contemplating the mind, etc. This section required courses after school, no more than a second to stay, immediately dormitory rest.

As for today, the other required courses, Jacob automatically in their hearts had negligible.

Restraint agreement

Clock pointer 8:00 into the groove when the door was open, and standing in the doorway of the people are Roland.

Almost the same time, and the purple hair thieves behind the air a while distorted, in order to feather the tall figure appeared out of thin air.

The former gloomy face, which looked slightly annoyed, just look at their attitude, easy to understand vaguely cloudy then they harvest.

Determine the results, easy to cloudy but relaxed, smile asked: “it seemed to be prend accident, you who should say?” She began the moment, LIN Qi, planted in the house of noise Enchantment.

Double Identity

If the combined A leap through this link, you also need to be more forward push down for some time.

A Fei is actually Siegel subordinates, they and the mercenaries encounter in Cape Town may be accidental, it may have been deliberately arranged, but anyway, the final outcome is A Fei had been infiltrated around them, but and then find out her secret, so I have a grid can be used to handle the threat.

What are the causes of and easy do not want to explore a little cloudy, though has been peer-back, but the A’s leap with her little between the exchanges and friendship between the two is not how hot, so she was only concerned about the results.

Special Interests

Now they do not have the easy cloudy so scared, even if found missing while Roland and the Arab-Fei, it can consider the orderly from scratch.

To unraveling the layers she slowly memories.

Since Kaka visit, she misjudged the thought that Siegel may be threatened by her captors hostage Eric, it deliberately to enhance the security of the villa defense, spend millions to buy an updated set of magic shield, and has been a deliberate were tested. Although the LIN Qi, and in se can not stop this, but this level of master, originally not within the scope of her preparedness Basically, block a few Roland, and even the upper normal sword, or mage, all not a problem.

Where you are, where I am

Contact less than Eric, easy cloudy some panic, her last conversation with Eric, about 67 days ago, when he was also very easy to tell her two jokes, but now? Eric go?

Who is the message half-cover Banlou to spread out, easy to cloudy mind has probably made at the end.

She was in the wind are safe here, even if there are any enemies, it should also look at her directly, rather than to exert pressure in this way.

The Change

Wei Wei Hey, that guy came to Chiruan Fan, you Cou ah what fun!

Yi cloudy mind shouted, got up and left the Qi Lin’s arms, he raised his hand to his forehead should knock can be staggered line of sight, the young Chun Zhi Wang-clear eyes like a gentle spring, high up some hands fall, but only As touched on in general, and gently rub a bit on his forehead.

No way he is always angry, and now even more Shouzhong, she will first pained not bear.


Seeking … … marry him?

Some Long-Long Yi Dai Leng, she look LIN Qi, and then look at Kaka and then rubbed his ears, suspect that he is not out of ear problems: “Can you please repeat it?”

“Courtship.” Kaka said righteously.

LIN Qi, and then step on a broken floor.

Accident not unexpected guest

Yi Long-long time to leave the island empty, there are also gripped with horror.

Although the mastermind behind a pine needle, and she is just a small accomplice, there was no presence of other wizard, and now the wisdom of the heart necklace already thrown into the space, it was impossible to detect, but the so-called guilty conscience, easy to cloudy, or several times a fantasy, when the She step out the door leading to the outside of that moment, suddenly the wizard to pop up, pointing to the wisdom of the heart to leave her screaming.

The purpose of pine needles

Sure enough … …

Actually … …

An instant, easy cloudy mind emerges at the same time that the two words.

She knows that this crafty old guy had previously given to the wisdom of the heart to play the heavyweight advertising, not Bust, and definitely what to do, even if she could have a point of preparedness, but also totally did not expect, even let pine needles She took the wisdom of the heart.

Heart of Wisdom

Section of the wizard after the dew, easy cloudy again in the air over the islands a few days to live. As the Elves of the guests, she was warm and wonderful hospitality.

Aside from the festival, the wizard who usually are the laws of life every day wake up when the dawn light up the morning of learning and training time in order to master knowledge and skills, the afternoon is a relaxed freedom of movement, the wizard can on their own interested in studying art.

Cooling dinner

Isolated islands floating air, the wizard are singing a time when the world is still functioning according to his track with.

The night wind is peace leisurely breeze blowing, while the Twins in another city, within the distant empire, as distinct from the wind are in the leisure and lazy, where the power of convergence with the most wealth consisted in inflicting burns, the most ancient family history , as well as infighting among the most intense, pains and sorrows.

Most likes

All dissatisfied with the small two-year-old wizard who lined up a long team, Dawn and the starry night standing in front, who wears a beautiful wreath of colorful flowers and capsules like a star, crowded busy to get together for .

They are carrying his earthen jar filled with clear spring water while singing and walking, while the spring sprinkle Shence of the leaves.

Green leaves drop vague shapes Chuzhan the dawn light, very shiny, pleasant.

For example, Dew

Matsuba sent two small wizard to entertain easily cloudy and others, are the two appear to twelve or thirteen-year-old boys, one called the starry night a call at dawn, exquisite looks beautiful, slender hands and feet smart.

Two little guys door Shihai obediently, and so on pine needles one go, immediately exposed restless spirits, a front and rear tiptoed quickly run over, two pairs of the same beautiful eyes blink blink, curiously gazed at three people, Starry Night a bit tempted to ask: “Well, guests can let me touch your ear what? I have not touched it round the ears.”

Wizard does not round the ear

Very large area of clouds, which is almost equivalent to a basketball court, easy to Flanders, and others standing on the edge of pilgrimage were returned horn sounded, once it lasts more than 10 minutes, in the clouds the central, full of white clouds changing shape, knot out of a huge gate,

Door scene changes, soon, from the door out of three wizard, pointed ears are beautiful, most people look around in front of a nearly 40-year-old, dressed in the dazzling gown pattern, light brown short hair combed back, corners are thin lines, but does not seem hoary, but revealing mature charm.

Peas, peas

To leave the wind all the time, is the brilliant foliage lush summer stroll.

When he returned, but it has come to the distant sky, falling snowflakes leisurely winter.

Spacious and comfortable carriage, the carriage next Dianzhe damping springs, all Hui Zhao, within the walls of the Magic defense, at the foot magic carpet covered with thick cashmere sustained exudes a warm heat.

Follow the guidance of Nature

Yi cloudy, Qi Lin, jade and Roland four sitting around the table, emerald in front of the desktop, and stood as a key communication crystal.

Carefully studied for a while holding a crystal, jade began to act cautiously.

He cut fingers, dripping a drop of blood on the crystal, so that everyone is surprised, that drop of blood has not rolled along the crystal surface smooth, but have been gradually absorbed gradually dyed the internal lines.

Want to compare the level of responsibility for blunders

A room full of people’s eyes were brought together over, Roland had not polite, direct pull over Zhang carved wooden chair to sit down, breathe a breath, and looked sharp and smart: “First of all, let me say a few known official information available.”

In the earliest times, the wizard and the relationship between human beings is to guard against and hurt each other, the humans capture wizard slaves, while the wizard also set in its own field a strong preparedness, once the human intrusion, immediately killing death.

Parade of people

An end, been replaced by another singer up singing, this time to sing the more popular songs, singing is the one who looks young and pretty girls, it seems is taking the idol route.

There is indicated a single program, girls named Katherine.

While Catherine’s singing a high degree of difficulty than before the singer, but her appearance was very pleasing, but also won a warm round of applause after singing a song, she looked relaxed and happy to announce to the audience, hoping someone is up and The song she was singing again.

The stars in our sky wink

Swan Hotel and the city is running a long-term shipping contracts, each year a sum of money paid to run the ship, which give priority to stay in the hotel’s guests for the carriage of service.

An easy to cloudy to go to opera house, the hotel waiter, is planning to call the vessel, but was easy to cloudy to stop: “No, we want to walk to.”

Do not know if surprised at the people who live in such a grade hotel actually prefer to walk, or a surprise appearance at such a strange group of outstanding temperament crowd, turned out to be a leading destination for most young girls, the attention of the waiter, under a pedestrian out of the hotel, along the river shore and slowly walk.

Mizuki scenery Humanities

Wizard is a respect for nature and enjoy the green plant’s race, like to live in dense forests, at least of human prosperity and the desert wilderness where the city and the geographical exclusion.

Nick and Saya summed up a total of about four sites, pointing out the direction of the search for jade, simply summed up in four words is this: a sea of trees, Watertown, mountains, islands.

There are also a few less likely places, easy to cloudy then simply handed over to master a certain intelligence channels dedicated to the Emperor Morse.

Homeward Bound

Everyone out to sea, their carriage is temporarily parked in deep-sea cod, hotels, while the coachman inn in the entourage are waiting for.

Well-known restaurant in the city provides a number of seafood dishes outgoing, easy to Flanders, and others gathered in a room, all the major stakeholders to sit down around the round table, eating at the same time, but also to discuss the next trip.

Error into the wrong road

First came to the human world of the devil, for all are curious about new things, though too handsome appearance at first when they meet give people the feeling of approaching bad, but its hearty character with warm words of tuberculosis style, quickly broken because the resulting sense of distance Lianrong.

He followed the sailor sails school gymnastics, learning to use a simple rod Diaoqi seawater fish, followed by Roland cooking school, but also tried to learn from God with the surgery —- Nick to know that the reason why Temple can be distributed across the mainland, mainly because the year of its war of aggression Mozu God the greatest harm to patients right Mozu This established the lofty status of the Temple —- Although Se did not succeed, but still the half-dead as the High Priest’s Nick Jingxia De .

Gentle and lovely human girl

Faced with such a friendly and approachable devil, the crowd gradually dispersed the heart of fear, and in order to se a good talk.

Even the eyes of the purpose of killing easy to se cloudy, in the minds of horrific impression slowly fade.

Opened the chatterbox to se began to rattle, from his childhood to the battle has been much talked Devil latest fashion styles of weapons, from the moon was up on the trees, until the sword of Damocles hanging night sky, a few listeners to understand This original devil adults is If TB.

Beelzebub’s lofty aspirations


Although the Devil and the human world as it is very close to both sides of a door, but not stopping by who can support one another, through barriers blocking consume enormous power, if not what purpose, there is no Mozu will stroll to this.

Then in front of monsters is to what end from?

Devil king came

It was Michelle’s voice.

Yi Long-Long finally no longer hesitate, crisp sound of children quick and urgent: “Nick Di Morse, with Saya back! Rowland with me!” As for the Lin Qi, no speech, he also knows what to do.

He is her, they are together.

Although easy to Flanders in advance of the Saya mercilessly said she would not take risks, will be thrown out of trouble cumbersome, but is really imminent crash, despite the heart vaguely uneasy, and she still want to return to help save lives.

Song played in front of the Devil

Yi cloudy, Qi Lin, Roland, Royal Moss, Nick, Saya, six-member delegation officially set foot on the island.

Jade stay in the White Night on the care of juveniles and the vessel number, while the delicious Snooze the pops, but also just missed landing opportunity was easy to lose in the bedroom where cloudy and sleep.

Along the coast, covered with a white sand, upon landing would let Qi Lin Yi Flanders her down, two-foot on the beach, can feel slightly off the assembly line, a soft touch to pass through the soles, and she looked inside islands, which Block Island area is not small, the edge is the white sand coast, in the forward is a dense jungle, also saw vaguely distant low hills, in the center of the island, wind around the white mist like gauze Talking in general, so that outsiders do not see real.

Numerous flowers in the world

Humanoid race, this is actually standing on the human point of view said, referring to the resemblance of human appearance, but also constructed a different human beings.

Not a human being, this sentence out of the Earth said it is absolutely abusive words, but if here, you looked like a guy who said he was not a human being, there might be telling the truth, because that guy might be true The “not a human being.”

For example wizard, such as shark people, such as feather family, such as Orcs, another example from another room for the arrival of Mozu.

Endangered Race

The first time I heard this song when the Royal Park in the Wright Empire, the days when she first arrived in that city, was named Mr. Qian Qian’s entourage visited the collar out strolling, close to the square heard that wonderful song, that the Direct to shake the soul sound, even if such a long interval of time, it was like yesterday, a clear general.

The sea monster’s voice

White Night voyage number is a big ship, although the appearance was not beautiful enough style, but a solid win in the practical.

Are used throughout the hull of the most solid material will, the bow like a cast bronze sculpture of a beautiful woman, begging on his way in the voyage to be the blessing of the Sea Goddess, bon voyage.

Sailors were hired to use four times the price of the players, it was solely on the measurement of azimuth angle, the manipulation of the sail, some people look at height, it was cleaning the deck, but also a dedicated cook, with a smooth driving a White Night No. ahead.

Their own homes of people?

To see, Gladiolus badges, a few people surprised a moment, it will explore the sights at the same time easy to cloudy, which means it is your nirvana at home by the sea things, you see, to how to deal with?

Was noticeable also that some loss is easy to cloudy, straight blink eyes, after a moment, she was silly to react, gold seems to be a family of gladiolus family crest symbol, but she hung in the identity of that particular Kengmengguaipian the family name.

Golden gladiolus

Out of the banquet hall, just the way back to the hotel through the port, the three will take the opportunity to see, hoping to just bump into Chaille.

Far will be able to see the port side of a group of people gathered, holding her easily cloudy pat LIN Qi, who immediately, agreeing completely, hold up her body, let her firmly on his shoulders.

LIN Qi legs were holding to ensure that she would not fall to, with a high degree of edge, easy to cloudy easy to see that the crowd surrounded the Saya, she and Emperor Nick Moss and the stand, three more than the face 20 person team of heavily armed mercenaries.

Whole fish feast

Half of the trip leisurely, easy cloudy although demand-led tour, but did not grossly interfere too much, after two weeks, they arrived at the coastal border Naiqie Si Cape Town.

Cape Town, from the surface to understand the meaning of that corner of the sea, in fact, is almost exactly the case, is located southeast of the mainland prominent cusp on three sides are surrounded by seawater, which is a letter of the port city.

Cape Town because of the complex near the sea currents, the parties gathered here water, resulting in production of fish species here are extremely rich, but because of its excellent geographical location, but also a prosperous harbor.

The Collaterals

Two horse-drawn shop apart a distance of about 23 meters, is located on the side of the door is relatively open, the person sitting in the car looking at each other.

Easy cloudy immature Lianrong no expression, looked good for a while before a disgusted tone, slowly asked: “Why is this guy will be here?”

An early start, out of the city outside the door, come with Saya agreed location, meet in the real after Yi Long-long realized that when she did not carefully asked Saya peers who and how careless neglect.

Departure and Future

Said neighbor in this world, and the other parallel space, living with another human shape very similar, but the essence of a very different creatures.

Most of that race has a magic of beauty, some chivalrous powerful, and some are good at luring people’s minds, the entire group is called Mozu, called the origin no longer be determined, but it has been handed down until today.

With regard to the existence of Mozu, easy Flanders has seen the notes in the Canaan-related inference.

Please Take care of yourself

Yi Long-Long Feng had just arrived in time, although there can be remotely linked magic props, but at the technical level out of fear of what the accident, leaking the conversation between the two men, after all, even on Earth originally, telephone also has been listening into the bargain.

Early contact with Eric, using the most primitive means of communication: writing.

The beginning is that ordinary stationery, write down some of the usual statements can be trusted to subordinates between the two countries, passing each other messages.

Just win, or win that justice?

Parker, this is a young lawyer’s name.

Three in their early twenties, which in the legal profession, the general is still struggling under the age of progress, however, Mr. Parker was standing on the top of the legal profession, becoming the envy of even the envy of other peer objects.

His 23-year-old will formally give the defense as a lawyer before debut slap yielded several nice battle quickly fame in the industry, relying on his familiarity with the Code, as well as agility and flexibility of thinking, and even succeeded in getting many of the guilty to escape the legal sanctions.

The court began to hear

Soon after the Academy Festival, Canaan Academy students kiss after the game has not completely forgotten the incident, but also because the other one shocking piece of news, resulting in a huge shock.

One called “badr? Ogburn,” the mysterious people, not long ago, to the wind are the first court, submitted a complaint alleging that the principal Terrence Canaan Academy crimes committed in more than 10 years ago, , commercial fraud, You Shoot, I murder.